Kitchen Products


Aged people should be careful while working in the kitchen. It is very important to be safe while cooking or working with sharp objects. So while cooking a gourmet meal or microwave frozen foods, you can use various kitchen products suitable for seniors.

So from cutting, peeling to cooking, there are various types of kitchen products available for retirees. Some of them are given below –

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Handi-Holder – This will help you in holding fruits and vegetables while peeling if you suffer from arthritis, reduced hand strength or Parkinson’s. It can be secured and removed to any place by an adjustable screw clamp.

No Cuts Safety Cutting Board – This cutting board is very useful if you find it difficult to grip and control while chopping, cutting, or slicing. Slicing and chopping is easier as the safety sides keep the fingers away from the sharp knife blades. While using, the food is kept secure by placing it between the easy-gripping, adjustable and textured sides. While the food is being cut, press the sides together.

Kitchen Finger Protector – Whether you are old or visually impaired, this product can be used for cutting if you have problems with your fingers. The finger guard can be placed over your fingers to protect it from blades and sharp knives.

The 6-in-1 Multi Opener – It is a very helpful kitchen product for aged people. If you have arthritis, pain or hand weakness, this can be used to open a variety of things. The opener can open nearly six types of lids and seals. The non-slip grip makes it easy to remove hard-to-grasp safety seals, lifting tab cans, bottle tops, metal bottle caps, and loosen jar lids.

Hand protector and jar opener – You can use this for unscrewing tight lids, hot pots, and holding wet slippery glasses. This will help you to have a secure grip on cold, hot and slippery items like pans, bottles etc. Also works as a gripper to unscrew tight jars and bottle caps. It can be used as a precaution against burns for those who have less sensation of heat. The gripping surfaces have small suction cups and the opener easily fits the thumb and fingers.