Exercise Products

Old age doesn’t necessarily mean being inactive and not exercising. In fact, there are hundreds of exercises that an aged person can indulge in to keep fit. Retirees can join a gym which has exercises catering to old people. These gyms have special exercising machines for seniors. If you can’t visit a gym, then exercise in the comfort of your home. There are various types of exercise products available for retirees.

But before exercising get a pair of comfortable walking shoes. A good sneaker will give your feet and back some support and reduce injuries and discomfort. Light hand weights are needed for aerobics and walking. With traditional exercise equipments, there is a chance of causing injuries. So try to get machines which use hydraulics or air which are easy on joints.

Some well known exercise products for aged people are given below –

Floor mats- These exercise products have become very popular with floor exercises and yoga. The thicker floor mats will help you if you have back problems. There are balance balls in various sizes.

Pedal exerciser – You can increase the strength of your legs and improve circulation with this exercise product. This exerciser is perfect for people who sit or lie down for a long period. This compact equipment can be used on the floor for leg involvements and on the table for a strengthening your arms. There are hook and loop straps to keep your feet firmly in place.

Mini Stepper Exerciser – This is a compact exercising equipment which you can use while relaxing, watching television, or sitting at a table. Now you can make your lower extremity muscles active with this. The stepper can help in circulation of legs and feet and tones your hips, calves, waist and thighs. The adjustable tension pulley system allows the stepping action to be a smooth one. There are non-skid foot treads for a firm grip. A built-in digital computer gives you the step numbers and elapsed time.

If you are indulging in water aerobics, then foam weights and pool noodles can help to strengthen your muscles. Other exercise products include treadmills, elliptical machines and step aerobics machines.