Emergency Contact Products


Old age brings a set of new challenge so one should be careful in their daily lives. If you are a senior and live alone, you should take precautions about your health and safety. Elderly people are more prone to break-ins as they are quite vulnerable. You can install door and window alarms, cameras and even dummy cameras to deter burglars. Personal alarms are not only helpful during burglary but also when there is a medical emergency. Being a senior, your relatives will be at ease with these alarms. You can wear these or carry it both outside and inside the house. You can get various types of emergency contact products for assistance in emergency situations.

Some emergency contact products are –

Voice activated phone – Through this phone you can call people easily and there is no need to press the right button as it stores all the numbers you would call. So when you need to call someone, you just say the name and the phone connects you to them.

PA-5800 Personal Assistance System – You can easily call for assistance in an emergency situation by pressing the single button on the heart shaped pendant which you can wear. When the alarm is switched on by the pendant, flash lights, a powerful 85dB siren, and calls up to 4 phone numbers will be activated. You can then record a message and it plays when someone receives the call. This emergency contact product will dial continuously till the person dials ‘0’ to listen in.

FotoDialer– This is one of the popular emergency contact products in the market. Through this telephone, you can access the telephone numbers in a short time. It is perfect for those who cant remember numbers, or understand telephone key pad or cannot see. It is an excellent device for emergencies.

Wireless Personal Pager – With this pager, you can easily ask for help by pressing a button. It notifies a caregiver that you need help. The receiver has a range of 100 feet and can be set to chime and vibrate mode. You can hang it from your waistband or carry it in your pocket.