Comfort Products


Retirees in their advanced age may need assistance and some level of comfort for a hassle free life. Since most live at home, they may need some comfort products to assist in their day to day work. Today the market is flooded with products catering to seniors. Whether you are a senior or just a relative and friend, you can buy various types of comfort products for retirees.

Some popular comfort products are –

Contoured Bed Wedge: The bed wedge is gently scalloped and angled. It is excellent for elevating and supporting the upper body. It allows for easy digestion and breathing. The scalloped surface gives a safer sleeping position if you want to rest in an elevated position. It can be used on the couch, floor and bed. It is available in waterproof and quilted version.

Spine Saver Lumbar Roll: This is a nice support cushion to prevent lower back pain and is one of the popular comfort products. It is available in memory foam and traditional foam. The product can compensate your slouch when sitting by filling the hollow at the back and supporting the lumbar curve. There are also loops at each end to fix it.

Legs support: this will elevate your aching legs and helps in circulation. This comfort product is required for the relaxing swollen feet and ankles, varicose veins. There are six comfort positions to support the lower limbs. It allows even weight distribution.

Relief Invalid Ring Cushion – It is well shaped to give you full relief if you are suffering from post operative pain, bedsores, and other painful problems. It is also perfect for wheelchairs users.

Arch Brace – This strap is good for foot pain relief. It can be used for treatment of heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and foot strain. This brace straps with Velcro straps and it lifts and supports the arch to help distribute the pressure and give relief from pain and inflammation.

Sonic Technology Electro Massage System Muscle Stimulator – You can relax your muscles to ease stress and tension with this machine. It also shapes up, tones, and firms nearly four separate muscle groups together. While exercising with this, the muscles get small signals through the nerve endings to contract. After contracting the muscles relax.