Senior Communities


Age makes you wiser, experienced and prepares to accept changes more easily. Age also means proceeding to a life that might be full of uncertainties, ill health, and other such problems. Like every person who is going to reach his senior years, you also must be worried about maintaining an active and financially stable lifestyle. One of the greatest ways to maintain an active and fun filled lifestyle is by living in senior communities. These senior citizen communities generally take care of you and cater to your needs.

In your senior years, if you opt to live in retirement homes, your active lifestyle would be maintained for more number of years. These retirement homes offer independent living, social activities, and proper maintenance of senior people. In these communities you get to share common interests and hobbies with like minded individuals like you. You can take advantage of all facilities and amenities offered by them. So, while searching for senior communities in your locality, you should be aware and assess them how they are catering to the individual needs of people.

Need for Staying Active

If you are thinking whether there is any need to stay active in your senior years- think twice. Remaining physically active even after retirement ensures a strong, fit and healthy body. If you want to grow old staying fit and happy, then a senior community living is certainly the best choice. Staying physically fit is the most important factor in leading a happy and healthy life. Living in senior communities is just the most wonderful way of keeping yourself free from all “home-related” hassles. In these communities you will make friends with many people of similar age and enjoy different types of exercise and recreation, which include both outdoor and indoor pools, biking and walking trails, exercise rooms, cooking classes, playing cards, hobby shops, movie night, arts and crafts rooms, and other interesting games. Some “55 communities” also offer special night events and organize occasional eco or adventurous trips.

Senior Communities – Benefits of Community Living

If you are really passionate about maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle in your post retirement days, then the ideal place would be senior communities. The wide range of recreational activities and a chance to interact with other like-minded people would surely keep you mentally and physically happy. However, before you select the community and start living, it would be wiser to pay a visit to know more about the environment and the types of facilities and activities offered. If you see that you are feeling absolutely at ease with the environment and the activities offered by them are in accordance with your interests, there would be no reason for not joining the community. In order to move around and stay fit, you should also see whether there are shopping centers, post offices, banks or grocery stores nearby. In this way, you can walk and buy everything you need. If you want to deposit or withdraw money you need to travel a long distance to reach the bank. Walking would not only make you stay fit and healthy for a longer time, but also help you save dollars as well.

Those of you, who have already gone through the process of house buying, know hoe time consuming, stressful and cumbersome the procedure is. Instead of buying a house and spending thousands of your hard earned dollars toward loan origination cost, closing cost, interest amount, and such other things, you can lead a peaceful and financially free life staying in one of the senior communities. You have a wide variety of housing types listed under senior communities, from where you can select the one that best suits your needs and taste.

Living in a senior community has manifold benefits. With age, another most important factor become looking after medical and physical needs. Once you reach the age of 80 plus, basic necessities like cleaning, shopping, cooking become cumbersome. Those who are in the 90 plus range need help in toileting, eating, bathing, and even moving around. With age, the need of medical assistance also becomes more. Sudden conditions like a stroke or heart attack need instant medical care and some need slow but long care. These needs are taken care of in senior communities. You don’t have to worry about having chest pain and not being able to reach the phone. The community members look after you on regular basis, and ensure you are hundred percent fit and fine.

With age the necessity to interact with more people increases. Housebound and isolated make a person feel unwanted and this has an adverse effect on mental and in the long run, physical health. Thus, if you live in a community and interact with people of your age, not only you will be able to build up a new and good social network but have fun in doing common interests and activities.

Senior Living Options

There are several housing options when you want to go for independent living. Like the senior communities, you can also go for condominiums, free standing homes of apartment complexes. Some house also has on-site recreational centers and clubhouses. However, if you are not yet ready to live in such communities you can consider living with a family member or even move to a condo or an apartment that is more accessible. The most important criteria in choosing such housing in a particular locality should be good access to utility services, social networks and transportation.