Retirement Community


For all those who have been wondering, let us start by defining what a retirement community is? To explain as elementarily as possible this is an active adult community that is responsible for providing housing for senior citizens as well as retirees. This is mostly for that category of people who are no longer working. There is certain age group criterion that is adhered by the community. A retirement community in its functions and features is very different from a retirement home or a complex where there is no “common space” for socializing. Most of the retirement communities incorporate all the special features and amenities that look after the wants and needs of the ones who have retired. There are provisions for retail outlets as well as medical facilities.

These communities are mostly constructed in warmer climates and are prevalent in Texas, Florida, California and well as Arizona. They are also pervasive throughout the various cities located United States.

The Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities

This is an important concept that has evolved over the past few years. The Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities are bodies that are formed concerning the low-income. They are formed thus aiming at a rich mix of public services. These communities might as well serve all income groups who got together to equip themselves with transportations services that are cost effective. At the same time there are well to do NORC’s as well who charges about 1,000 dollars for a household where the annual dues can be high.

A Naturally Occurring Retiring Community has many utilities. It can be a very useful medium for identifying the group of people who would require government assisted services. They provide the same in a cost-effective system. To site an example would be the Beacon Hill Village in Boston that provided assistance to the people who were reluctant to leave their existent neighborhoods.

Retirement Community Types

There are few categories through which you can categorize the retirement communities. They are:-

Active Communities
These are also termed as the “independent living communities”, for instance Holiday retirement that has more than three hundred communities spanning across United States.

Active/Supportive Communities

This is a combination of healthcare facilities as well residential amenities. More clearly known as continuing care retirement communities Supportive Communities, they include all long-term health care facilities such as nursing homes .