Retirement Community Living


Retirement community living in United States is a broader term which covers the concept of accommodation in various types of lodging centers and housing estates for the aged. In most cases, these retirement communities are meant for older adults who are no longer involved in work after they attain a certain age limit. The main goal of retirement community living is to help older adults to socialize and mix with like minded people.

Recent surveys have shown that older adults who opt for community living have lesser chance of being alone. Retirement community living consists of various categories. Some of them are:

Active/ Supportive Communities: The active/supportive communities are also referred to as continuing care retirement communities. These types of communities provide a number of facilities and services for the aged to help them have a pleasant experience.


Active Communities: These types of communities mainly consist of residential units, most of which do not provide any type of long term health care benefits. The active communities are apt for those who are nearing their retirement or have already retired.

Supportive communities: At the supportive communities, a number of specialized services are available like nursing homes, assisted living centers, treatment centers and so on. By living in these communities, the aged are provided with a greater care and freedom of choice.

Independent Living Centers: These are also well preferred among retirees and the aged. These centers provide you almost all the basic facilities and services at low rates.

Non traditional retirement communities: Non traditional retirement communities or Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities are mostly meant for lower income groups. They provide various facilities and services at affordable rates.

Apart from these, there are also some other forms of retirement living such as rehabilitation centers, independent living centers, congregate living communities, nursing care and so on. Usually, some retirement communities also have amenities like art houses, golf courses, on site medical centers, lakes and other places. People who stay here can enjoy high degree of comfort and satisfaction.

Around 6 states of the U.S. have their own Certified Retirement Community programs which consist of 70 towns and communities. In addition to these, retirement communities are also located in places such as Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, and Florida and so on.