Retirement in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania – at a Glance

Population (2006 survey) Climate State Income Tax State Sales Tax Median Home Price
12,440,621 Humid (Subtropical and Continental) 3.07% 6% $164,000.00


Pros: beauty, especially fall foliage. There are plenty of options for outdoor activities in all seasons. The state also has a low crime rate.

Cons: The weather of the state can be changeable with warm summers with occasional heat waves and cold winters with snowfall.



Located in the Middle Atlantic region of the US, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is popularly known as the “Keystone State”. One of the earliest colonies to become part of the US, Pennsylvania was called the “keystone” because of its central location.

If you love to be close to nature, then you may want to consider relocating to Pennsylvania after your retirement. Pennsylvania has millions of acres of forests, which can be explored on bicycles. The state also has access to the sea along Lake Erie and the Delaware Estuary. Besides, there are over 4,000 inland lakes (including the Great Lakes region in the north-west) that offer outdoor recreational activities like fishing and boating.

The landscape and wildlife in the state have a lot of variety. The Pennsylvania Wilds to the north are home to elks, bobcats, minks, falcons, hawks and more. You can go on exciting hunting trips within the state. Whether you are a diehard wildlife enthusiast or an easygoing adventurer, you can have a fulfilling life after retirement if you relocate to a retirement home in this state.

The Allegheny Mountains with their picturesque valleys form the central parts of the state, and you can find more mountains to the northeast of Pennsylvania. This kind of landscape is ideal for going hiking and camping, and you can choose from a number of hiking trails. As a senior, even if you do not want too much strenuous activity, you will find some really easy trails through the woods, which you will surely love to hike through.

Large and small cities and towns surrounded by countryside make up the rest of the state. The Pennsylvanian countryside is famous for its spectacular fall foliage. Autumn is always a season to look forward to in Pennsylvania, especially if you are a Senior who is enjoying a quiet retirement in the state. The perfect weather in October can turn into a rather cold winter (especially if you are in the Delaware region). However, you can have a lot of fun even in winter, either out in the snow or indoors, listening to concerts or watching entertaining plays at the theaters.

Other recreational activities include visits to museums like the Allegheny Arms and Armory Museum or the Erie Maritime Museum. You could also visit the Erie Zoo or Knoebels Park. For those seniors in the US fascinated by magic, Pennsylvania has the Houdini Museum. The state, however, is best loved for the chocolate factory at Hershey. You can visit the Hershey Museum for an entertaining glimpse into the world of chocolates. Even at an older age, we’re sure you still have a sweet tooth!

Pennsylvania has dependable health-care facilities, and this, along with a low crime rate and affordable cost of living, make the state a very good place to spend your retirement. Whether you want to stay in busy cities, small towns, or secluded communities, you’ll find plenty of options in the state. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are the biggest cities in Pennsylvania.

If you no longer want to drive yourself, you can depend upon the efficient public transit systems of the state. There are also as many as 127 airports linking the major cities of Pennsylvania with each other and with the rest of the US.


What will be your Expenses in Pennsylvania?


The above table shows the percentage fluctuations in expenditures incurred in Pennsylvania, as compared to the nation’s average, which is taken as 100%.

As per the graph, you can see that the costs of transportation and health care are comparatively lesser in the national average. Moreover, if you are staying in Florida or Nevada, Pennsylvania will be a good option for you to shift after your retirement as the cost of housing is relatively lesser than the above-mentioned US states.