Retirement in New Mexico


Why should you Look for Retirement Homes in New Mexico?


Are you a resident of the state of New Mexico in the United States and have attained the age of 55 or above? Then you must also be the same person who is looking for the best opportunities in the form of living places and retirement schemes available in New Mexico, because you will soon enter into that phase of life known as retirement. Indeed retirement in New Mexico is fast catching up because the state has so much to offer in the form of old peoples’ communities, education opportunities for the youth and also very beautiful landscapes which you can enjoy living indoors or participating in several outdoor activities that the tourism board of New Mexico offers to students and locals alike. Though the climate of this south western American state is not very pleasant, the fact that it is the sixth least populated state in the USA is enough to attract elderly people from all around America and the world to spend a calm and quiet life after retirement. We give you a comprehensive account of the different opportunities that you can avail if you have decided to spend life after retirement in New Mexico.
New Mexico – at a Glance
Population Climate State Income Tax State Sales Tax Home Price(Median)
2,499,481 Sunny and Dry 1.7 % to 5.3 % 5% $323,379
Pros: Arid climate with abundant sunshine throughout the year.

Cons: Rugged landscape and also one of the most sparsely populated U.S state.

The Best Places to Spend Life after Retirement in New Mexico

Being one of the most picturesque states within the American heartland, almost every place in New Mexico will look pleasing to the common man, especially to the old people who love to stay in the midst of nature and its beauty. However it is advisable to avoid taking up residence in the arid regions and the desert regions of New Mexico primarily because of the fact that the daily weather may not be conducive to a normal lifestyle. We give you a list of some of the best places to live in after retirement within the boundaries of New Mexico:
  • Albuquerque Preferred Assisted Living Inc. – This retirement home in New Mexico is chosen by several senior people and their families because the medical facilities that this home provides to its boarders are by far the best in New Mexico. Not only does Al Albuquerque Preferred Assisted Living Inc. have a 24 hour medical check-up facility which includes a team of some of the best doctors and nurses, but the retirement home also boasts of a medical unit that can arrange for the treatment of critical diseases like Alzheimer’s. Moreover, the home is also located in an area that is essentially a residential area and is therefore high on concerns of safety and security. The rooms in this retirement home are rated as the best in New Mexico. This retirement home is located in the San Mateo Boulevard region of New Mexico.
  • Ponce De Leon Retirement Center – Situated near the Sangre de Cristo mountain range of the United States of America, this retirement home has a picturesque setting which is also a place of tourist interest. The Santa Fe Plaza, a couple of art galleries and a public park are some of the sites that the senior citizens will love to visit if they reside in the Ponce De Leon Retirement Center. Apart from the beautiful natural surroundings, this New Mexico retirement center also offers you the scope of assisted and independent living. This means that even if you do not want to avail the facilities provided by the retirement center, you can choose to be a part of its community by renting an apartment or rooms within the Center area. This home for the retired in New Mexico is located at Alta Vista Street of the Santa Fe area.
  • Grand Court Albuquerque – The Grand Court retiring center of New Mexico has always been known for the efficient and affordable services provided. This retirement home situated in Valencia also provides assisted and independent living options to the senior citizens.
  • Golden Mesa – Situated in Las Cruces, the Golden Mesa is the most beautiful retiring home of New Mexico. Built over a large area, the services as well as the lodges of this home are widely acclaimed. Large garden suites, airy cottages and well spaced apartments make the Golden Mesa a boarder’s delight. The living pattern followed here is totally independent, though help is always there at your calling.

Retirement Policies in New Mexico

Before deciding to become the resident of any state after retirement from a job, it becomes very necessary to check out the retirement benefits in the form of pensions and gratuity. We all know that nobody would want to be part of a system that deprives of a superior lifestyle after retirement. Take a look at the different retirement policies in New Mexico and then decide as to whether you would want to be part of its sparse population after retirement:
  • The Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) that operates in New Mexico has introduced some crucial legislative changes in this fiscal year. New policies such as a reduction in the eligibility standards to help retirees in New Mexico avail the benefits, making the cost incurred in retirement in the American state very affordable and suggesting a number of alternative plans are some of the changes introduced by the PERA in 2011.
  • The changes that have been introduced will benefit the new members of the retirement community of New Mexico more than the older members, thereby giving a strong reason to would-be retirees in America a reason to migrate to New Mexico if they are still confused about choosing a place to live in after retirement.

Top Cities to Retire in New Mexico

As said earlier, it is always advisable to ignore the arid and mountainous places and desert areas of New Mexico to live in. Although rich in natural beauty, these places are more suited to tourism than to living. If you have chosen the state of New Mexico in the United States to retire in, it is now time for you to round up on the cities. This process of choosing depends not only on the climate of the place but also on the availability of modern amenities and its proximity to a residential neighbourhood. Other key factors to keep in mind are the law and order system in the city and its essential medical and administrative facilities. On the basis of the above requirements, the best cities to retire in New Mexico are Albuquerque, Deming, Farmington, Belen and Las Cruces.

Retirement in New Mexico is a very popular phenomenon and retiring facilities in the state are also galore to support the old and the ailing.New Mexico is known for its high mountains and deserts. The state is the home of Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and numerous national forests. Cities like Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, and Cloudcroft are popular for the exciting outdoor activities as well as for their natural beauty. Adventure lovers can enjoy hiking, fishing, skiing, and camping in New Mexico. So, if you are looking for a wide array of recreational opportunities, you may consider looking for retirement homes in New Mexico.

The relatively low cost of living is an added attraction for many seniors and retirees. If you are planning a “quiet retirement,” then New Mexico may be the ideal destination for you. You can spend your time visiting museums and art galleries, and indulging in photography. The natural beauty of the place won’t fail to impress you. Don’t be surprised if you come across a few Hollywood personalities here. Filmmakers cannot ignore the beautiful landscape of New Mexico.