Retirement in New Jersey


      Why should you look for Retirement Homes in New Jersey?

New Jersey is located at the heart of the BosWash megalopolis, and is at a convenient distance from other important US cities like New York City, Baltimore, Boston, and Washington, D.C. This city is also known as the Garden State of the US. New Jersey can be the good choice for baby boomers willing to look past the relatively higher cost of living here.

“Things to do in” New Jersey

You will get plenty of cultural attractions as well as serene landscapes like Delaware River Valley, Northern Highlands, Vineland, and Jersey Shore in New Jersey. If you want to enjoy the attractions of the state then you might consider the retirement home options that are available here.

New Jersey – at a Glance


Population Climate State Income Tax State Sales Tax Home Price Median
8,414,350 Temperate Climate 1.4 – 8.97 % 7 % N/A

Pros:Pleasant climate, with warm, humid summers and cold to mild winters. Precipitation is uniform throughout the year.

Cons: High tax rates and an expensive place to live.


What will be my Expenses in New Jersey?

The above bar-graph shows the percentage fluctuations in expenditures incurred in New Jersey, as compared to the nation’s average, which is taken as 100%.

For example, if you are looking for a suitable place to retire in New Jersey, you can stay in the Delaware River Valley. Here, you will get affluent retirement spots with relatively high median household incomes. At the same time there are plenty of studios, galleries, book stores, cafes, and coffee houses for you to spend your leisure hours.