Retirement in Nebraska


Why should you Look for Retirement Homes in Nebraska?


While scenic locales and quiet neighborhoods could be your idea of what constitutes a good retirement location, there may be other considerations that may be even important to you. For example, the crime rate of a particular location may be a concern. This is one of the areas where Nebraska has an edge over quite a few other locations in the UIS.

Nebraska is a friendly, middle-America state with one of the lowest crime rates in the US. Nebraska residents are friendly and trusting and the cost of living is reasonable. In Omaha, the largest city in Nebraska, the cost of living was almost 12% below the national average in 2006.

As a state, Nebraska is better off economically than the more densely populated states in the US. In fact the geography of the state, which mostly comprises part prairie land, promotes ranching and farming. Cities like Omaha and Lincoln are eagerly being sought out by baby boomers who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

Some great retirement homes in Nebraska can be found in Lincoln, Fremont, Ashland, Omaha, Beatrice, and Falls City.


Nebraska – at a Glance

Population Climate State Income Tax State Sales Tax
171,1263 Humid Continental Type 2.56% to 6.84% 5.5%


Pros:Mid-America values and friendliness, low cost of living, and out of the urban rat-race.

Cons:The location of Nebraska in Tornado Alley has led to the frequent occurrences of thunderstorms in the springs and summers. The climate ranges from hot and humid in the summer to quite cold during the winter.


Cost of living in Nebraska:



The graph shows the cost of living in Nebraska by category of expense as a percentage as compared to national averages, which are normalized to100%.

As per the above chart, you will see that the cost of housing in Nebraska is comparatively lower than the US national average. Nebraska ranks tenth in health-care costs among the 50 states. The cost of living is quite low in Nebraska with property taxes being much lower in the southeastern part of the state