Retirement in Mississippi


Overview of Mississippi

Having completed a successful working life, if you are looking for a place to retire that has many benefits for retirees, then Mississippi is worth your consideration This state welcomes retirees through programs (like the Hometown Mississippi Retirement Program of 1994) that are specially designed for retirees. In order to project itself as the best place to retire in the US, the state is a veritable retirement magnet for the following reasons:


  • Affordable cost of living
  • Moderate taxes
  • Minimum crime rate
  • Enhanced quality of medical care
  • Recreational, educational, and cultural activities
  • Community spirit

Mississippi – at a Glance

Population Climate State Income Tax State Sales Tax Median Home Price
2,910,540(US Census Bureau, 2006) Humid Subtropical Climate 3 % – 5 % 7 % $ 83,000

Pros: Reasonable housing costs, low property taxes, and moderate costs of living.


The cities and towns that are often viewed as the best places to retire in Mississippi include quaint small towns, residential resorts along the Gulf Coast, as well as striking river towns located on the banks of the Mississippi River. Apart from the spectacular surroundings, the state also offers a host of outdoor recreation options such as hiking and biking along miles of wooded trails, boating and fishing on numerous lakes and streams, exploring the white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Further, the presence of 140 golf courses catches the attention of seniors who are looking to enjoy golf after retiring in Mississippi.

Let us now take a closer look at the various places to retire in Mississippi and their respective specialties:


  • The Gulf Coast Region, which extends for about 100 miles across the Gulf of Mexico, has grown substantially as more and more retirees in Mississippi settled along the coast, lured by its golf course communities and gambling resorts.
  • The college towns of Oxford and Starkville, which are homes of the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University respectively, have their own share of senior residents whose morning begins with an awesome view of the rolling hills of northern Mississippi; the tree-lined surroundings, the blossoming azalea and the refreshing scent of wisteria. You can also visit the various museums of the university and see some of the biggest theatres and performance of famed classical musicians.
  • Homes for seniors in Mississippi are also available in the river towns of Natchez and Vicksburg. Natchez is recognized for its English, French, and Spanish monuments and Victorian or antebellum residential districts. Vicksburg designs and offers low-cost programs for seniors that seek to broaden their educational and social prospects. The Institute for Creative Learning in Retirement offers one of such programs.


  • If you are a frequent traveler, then Hattiesburg, which is better known as the “Hub City”, is the place for you. Located at the crossroads of Interstate 59 and US Highways of 49, 98, and 11, and also a short distance from the Gulf Coast and New Orleans. Hattiesburg is a storehouse of Southern history and architecture. You will also have access to its historic buildings, state parks, rose gardens, 12 public and private golf courses, and picturesque outdoor locations.


Cost of Living in Mississippi


The above table shows the cost of living in Mississippi by category of expense as a percentage as compared to national averages, which are normalized to 100%.

Take for example, beer and wine can be bought in Hattiesburg for $7.93 and $7.33 while you’ll have to pay $2.91 for coffee and $2.15 for half a gallon of milk.