Retirement in Kentucky


Kentucky – at a Glance


Population Climate State Income Tax State Sales Tax Median Home Price
420,6074 Humid subtropical climate 2 % – 6 % 6 % $ 132,000


Pros: Factors like low cost-of-living, a state-of-the-art healthcare system, beautiful scenery, and pleasant weather make Kentucky one of the most sought after retirement locations in the US.

Cons: Houses are more expensive in the northern part of the state. You should choose your retirement location carefully to ensure that you get the right proportion of urban living or country relaxation.


Why should you Look for Retirement Homes in Kentucky?

Are you considering retiring in “the land of KFC?” Well, the state of Kentucky and “Kentucky Fried Chicken” are inextricably connected. KFC Corporation or simply “KFC,” based in Louisville (Kentucky), is one of the most well known chicken restaurant chains not just in the US but all over the world. For lovers of KFC products this may have been tempting enough! However, this is certainly not the reason for considering Kentucky as an ideal retirement location.

If you are wondering whether Kentucky would be a great retirement location for you– here are some quick facts. Murray, situated in western Kentucky, was chosen as one of the top retirement communities in the US in 1987. While looking for a retirement location, possible tax-benefits for seniors is a very important factor to consider. Although the “Bluegrass State” levies income tax, it also offers a high retirement- income exemption. This, in plain words, means that retirees frequently do not owe the state any income tax.

Retirees in Kentucky have some great entertainment options. How about watching the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs or visiting the Kentucky Theater and Opera or the Louisville Slugger Museum? You can also attend the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival and the Louisville Ballet. If you love horses you can also consider spending time at the “Kentucky Horse Park” in Lexington. This park is unique in the sense that this is the only place in the world where you will find a working horse farm, an educational theme park, and an “equine competition facility” all at one location.


Nature lovers are simply spoiled for choice in a state that has as much of natural beauty as Kentucky. The “LBL” (“Land Between the Lakes”) region spoils you with 170,000 acres of wildlife, outdoor “recreation opportunities,” and 300 miles of “virgin” shoreline. This is not all. The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area is a great favorite with nature lovers, too. There are lots of other places, in Kentucky, that will give you the opportunity to experience the beauties of the natural world. And, of course, you will find exploring Kentucky’s fine history of producing bourbon a “fun adventure.” Bourbon, “America’s only native spirit,” is almost exclusively distilled, aged and bottled in Kentucky. You can find out more about this distinctive whiskey by touring a distillery or other important sites along the Bourbon Trail.

The Bourbon Trail is nothing but the route that connects the bourbon distilleries in Kentucky. These distilleries rank among the oldest in the US, and it cannot be ignored that bourbon is considered as America’s “only native spirit.” Tours are arranged to give tourists a “taste” of the history of bourbon making in the US. The bourbon distilleries in Kentucky are a national heritage.

Areas like Louisville, Lexington, Edgewood, Paducah, Bowling Green, and Cincinnati-Middletown are some of the best places to retire in Kentucky. Louisville, for instance, showcases a number of historical attractions. The area has also experienced a boom in residential properties as well as recreational projects like the “Waterfront Park”.


Cost of Living at Kentucky:

The above graph shows the cost of living in Kentucky by category of expense as a percentage as compared to national averages, which are normalized to100%.

The cost of living in Kentucky, an important factor for retirees, is lower than the national average in every category. For example, you can buy beer for $ 7.14, wine for $ 7.93, a dozen of eggs for $ 0.87, or even go for a movie with $ 7.50 in your pocket.