Retirement in Kansas



Referred to as the heartland of America, the state of Kansas has been recognized as one of the significant retirement locations in the US. Bordered by the states of Nebraska on the north, Missouri on the east, Oklahoma on the south, and Colorado on the west, Kansas offers you easy access to the other parts of the country. This and a host of other reasons have resulted in a tremendous demand for retirement homes in Kansas.

Cities such as Wichita offer the perfect homes for seniors in Kansas. Known for its zeal towards aircraft manufacturing and aviation, the air shows will surely fascinate you. For those of you who seek entertainment, may attend concerts (that happen all-round the year), river festivals and activities, or even spend time in the popular botanical gardens. The city also has a community that indulges in games like Frisbee golf. Further, the Wichita Medical Center provides the finest healthcare services.

The facilities are no less in other metropolitan areas such as Kansas City, St. Joseph, Lawrence, and Topeka. Hence, all of them provide satisfactory accommodation in retirees in Kansas.

Kansas – at a Glance

Population Climate State Income Tax State Sales Tax Home Price
2,764,075 Humid Continental and Subtropical, and Semiarid Steppe 3.5 % – 6.45 % 5.3 % $ 113,372


Pros: The state has made significant contributions in the fields of medicine and veterinary sciences, which has led to the growth of the sectors of agriculture and animal husbandry resulting in a comparatively low cost of food items.

Cons: As a common feature of several mid-western states, Kansas also experiences strong thunderstorms during spring. Many of these can become tornadoes.


Cost of Living:

The above table shows the percentage fluctuations in expenditures incurred in Kansas, as compared to the nation’s average, which is taken as 100%.

A visit to the dentist would cost you about $ 61.29 while you’ll have to pay $1.35 for a dozen eggs and $ 1.92 for half gallon milk.