Retirement in Hawaii




The very mention of Hawaii evokes sights of tropical beaches and rhythmic dances to the tune of lazy guitar slides. A rarely realized truth is that Hawaii is also one of the best places to lead one’s retired life. For the sheer variety of natural attractions, Hawaii is virtually unmatched. Valleys, snow-capped mountains, numerous waterfalls, and breathtaking canyons share space with beaches and coral reefs. Retirement homes in Hawaii provide you with an opportunity to enjoy all these aspects of nature at a pace of your own. You can also indulge in land adventures like cycling, golfing, biking, and an equally large number of water sports.

Hawaii, the southernmost state of the United States, does have a considerable percentage of seniors living here. Located on an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean, this state is a lovely place to spend your post-retirement years in peace.


Hawaii – at a Glance


Population Climate State Income Tax State Sales Tax Median Home Price
1,283,388 (Estimated population of 2007) Tropical 4 % 8.25 % N/A

Pros:Mild temperatures throughout the year. The state has a lot of beautiful beaches.

Cons:Volcanoes are still a threat to life and property. Traffic jams remain a matter of concern. The state has a high cost of real estate.

Cost of Living:


The above table shows the percentage fluctuations in expenditures incurred in Hawaii, as compared to the nation’s average, which is taken as 100%.

The cost of health care is pretty affordable. The expenses incurred in groceries, transportation and utilities are a bit high. Since the cost of housing is almost 250% the national average, renting a retirement home in Hawaii is a better option than buying one