Retirement in Colorado


If you love the great outdoors, choosing to spend your retirement in Colorado might be the best option for you. With phenomenal Rocky Mountain scenery and thriving cities, it’s an attractive place to move for individuals of any age. Perhaps more than any other state, Colorado has been able to marry Old West charm to modern advancements. Places like Fort Collins somehow manage to maintain a small-town feel as they continue growing. And Denver, the largest city and capital, has everything you would expect from a metropolitan area of around a million people.
Affordable Amenities
The cost of living in Colorado is pretty much right on the national average. Housing prices are slightly above that, but you might see that offset in the long term by significantly inexpensive utilities – more than 10% less! Everyday items, like groceries and fuel, also provide a modest savings. Considering all the state has in terms of activities – whether cosmopolitan museums in Denver or skiing and hiking in Aspen – you are sure to have access to almost anything you could want cheaper than you would expect.
Stunning Surroundings
Some of the western United States’ best natural views are situated in Colorado’s portion of the Rockies. Pike’s Peak, near Colorado Springs, is a favorite for many, as is Estes Park to the northwest of Denver. A thick evergreen blanket covers the mountains and gives way to snow-covered summits perfect for climbing up or skiing down. However, the sights are just as good from beside the fireplace in a mountainside lodge.
Altitude Issues
With an average height of 6,800 feet above sea level, making the adjustment to thinner mountain air can be tough. It can take as long as four months for your body to completely adapt if you’re in good health, but it’s even more challenging for people with respiratory or cardiovascular concerns.
Snow Days
The privilege of gazing up at the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains in springtime means you’ll probably have to endure some treacherous conditions during the winter months. Temperatures can dip into the teens in December and January, and it’s not uncommon for a foot of snow to fall when conditions are right. You will want to make sure your car is properly equipped for frozen highways or avoid going out altogether.

Cost of Living:

The above table shows the percentage fluctuations in expenditures incurred in Colorado, as compared to the nation’s average, which is taken as 100%.

While the cost of housing is just above the national average, the cost of utilities and healthcare is really affordable. Even the transportation costs are within your reach. The state has a modest cost of living.