Retirement in Arizona


After decades spent working days away, doesn’t everyone want to make retirement a constant stream of fun and enjoyment? With amazing scenery and top-notch facilities for everything from golf to horseback riding, you will find plenty to do at affordable rates in Arizona. If you are eager to let your inner explorer stretch his legs, this southwestern state retains some of its Wild West feel despite having Phoenix, the 11th largest city in the United States.



  • Retiree Friendly

Long known as a destination for snowbirds visiting from colder climes in winter, people are deciding to call Arizona home year-round in greater numbers all the time. Entire communities have popped up to attract residents in their golden years – Sun City and Sun City West, for example – but you can still find many good places to live in established areas. The former artist’s enclave of Sedona is a popular, if somewhat eccentric, mountain city to settle in after calling a major metropolitan area home for decades.

     Low Taxes


Overall, the state of Arizona has the 10th lowest tax burden in the United States. Thanks, in large part, to property tax restrictions and partial income tax exemptions for citizens over 65, you will find you get more for your dollar here than many other states. Groceries and utilities are relatively inexpensive, as are median home prices.


  • Weather ExtremesIt’s no secret that a large portion of the state is desert. Summer highs in Phoenix can climb over 120 degrees, increasing the danger of heat-related illness. Northern cities like Flagstaff, though, are high enough to have regular snows in winter. Depending on your preference, you might end up living somewhere with a climate just like the one you were hoping to leave. Prescott, a mile-high city in central Arizona, is a great place to get the best of both worlds – comfortable temperatures in August and mild (but occasionally heavy) snowfall in January.


II. Cost of Living in Arizona in second quarter of 2011

Arizona has an extensively developed network of retirement communities, such as Sun City.