Retirement in Alabama

Alabama at a Glance

Looking for an inexpensive place to spend your golden years that have great beaches? Think Florida is the only option? Consider retirement in Alabama, a fast-growing destination for retirees in search of relaxing surroundings and low cost of living. With phenomenal golf courses and lush coastal forests, as well as sunny seascapes on the Gulf of Mexico, chances are good you can find plenty to see and do after your final day on the job.



    • Affordable LivingAlabama’s tax burden is just shy of 9%, putting it in the bottom half for the entire United States – its property tax rates, for example, are the lowest in the country. On top of that, utilities are very reasonable and comparable homes sell for more than 50% less than you would find in large coastal cities. And, since it has yet to become a major destination for retirees, you might benefit from offers geared specifically to attract older clientele
    • Wonderful ClimateThanks to its proximity to Gulf of Mexico, warm ocean air is available year-round. Winter highs are usually in the low 60s across much of the state and hardly break 90 during the Summer. It might take some time get used to the humidity, but it’s an expected trade-off for living near the gentle waves and amber sands of the southern coast. Once you settle down near Orange Beach, you might wonder why you waited so long to move!



    • Extreme WeatherAlabama’s dense coastal air and abundant sunshine leave it susceptible to thunderstorms and sometimes tornadoes in the Summer. Damage from these types of storms can be nonexistent, minimal (a broken window or two) or very extensive (whole neighborhoods demolished). Further, as with many southeastern states, the Fall brings the possibility of hurricanes. Though less likely to make landfall here than South Florida, it is something to be aware of. It’s important to remember, of course, that the chances of catastrophic effects are rare – most of the time there is little more than lightning and heavy rai


Cost of Living in Alabama as per the second quarter of 2011:

The above table shows the approx. percentage expenditures in Alabama, as compared to the nation’s average, which is taken as 100%.