Retirement in Malta


Retiring in Malta Looking for a sunny Mediterranean home after your last day of work? For some, spending retirement in Malta has become the ideal answer. Located less than 60 miles off the coast of Sicily, this tiny island nation is filled with history and plenty of natural beauty. You will be able to pass hours and hours wandering through ancient ruins or swimming in crystal clear waters. If you have been thinking about relaxing in a seaside locale for your golden years, then give Malta a look – you may like what you find.



Enviable Weather

The first thing you’ll notice is the weather: average lows hardly dip under 50 F in the winter and summer highs hover around the mid-80s. If you are accustomed to freezing wind chills and icy roads around Christmastime, you will happily give up your snow shovel before coming to Malta.

English Welcome

Most of us, when thinking about retiring to a foreign country, wonder how we’ll be able to learn a new language. Though Maltese is the national language, English is officially recognized and spoken by almost all of the locals. It won’t be quite like home, but it will help you get acclimated quickly.

Respected Health Care

The hospital and clinic system in Malta is regarded among the best in Europe. Private and public services are very accessible, and doctors are known to spend a bit more time with patients than their counterparts in larger countries.



Insurance Coverage

Malta has a national insurance system, meaning that you must be a native or a working resident for an extended period of time (upwards of 15 years) before you will be eligible. This leaves many retirees searching for private options, which can be expensive.

Traffic Issues

For such a small island, there are a lot of cars. You’ll find it is an entirely different sort of commute than you are probably used to on the structured motorways of home. Roads here are narrow and there is less emphasis on upkeep, making for a bumpy ride. On top of that, as with most continental cities in Europe, drivers are known to honk frequently as they sweep in and out of tight spaces.