Real Estate Investment Professionals


Real Estate Investment Appreciation

Historically, real estate investments have proven to be an excellent long-term investment. However, real estate investments, like stocks and other investments can fluctuate in value over time. Real estate investment values can change with business cycles, interest rates, and the availability of mortgage money. It can be risky to presume that real estate or any other investment will appreciate in the short term.

Using Investment Advisors and Real Estate Professionals

As with other investments, you may want to work with a Financial Advisor, Real Estate Investment Advisor, and Tax Advisor to maximize your return and reduce your risk.

Additionally, you may benefit from the service of a Real Estate Broker and/or Real Estate Agent.

In the United States, a real estate broker is a party who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate. The broker attempts to find sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy.

Brokers commonly utilize Real Estate Agents (typically independent contractors compensated by the Broker) to carry out many of these tasks. The licensing, roles, and legal responsibilities of Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents vary from state to state. In some state, Real Estate Lawyers are involved in most transactions; in other states, Real Estate Lawyers are typically only involved in large transactions.

Real Estate Brokers and Agents generally have a legal feduciary responsibilty to act in the best interest of the party they represent. Thus, if you are purchasing property, you may wish to have a buyer’s agent to represent you.

Outside the US, other countries take markedly different approaches to marketing and selling real estate (commonly called real property).