Funny Gifts


Retirement has different meaning for different people. For some it is the much-awaited phase to realize their unfulfilled dreams, for some it is a sad moment and for certain people it is also a moment of relief from routine life. Whatever may be their feelings, a good way of commemorating the occasion is by giving funny gifts to the retiree. The gift can be something funny and playful and help them begin this new phase of their life, in their own way.

You must understand that funny retirement gifts cannot be given to just about anybody. Only somebody who is close to you or someone, with whom you share a humorous vibe, can be given this gift. So, before you buy the gift you have to consider these things, along with some others. You have to be careful as to not offend the retiree with the gift. If you know him/her very well, you will be able to take care of this in a better way.

Funny retirement gift for friends

Since they have retired, your friend will naturally not be working. There are several funny gift options, which you can use to highlight this aspect of their retired life. A funny choice would be to give them a pair of dice, where things like ‘Go Fishing’, ‘Take a nap’, ‘take a vacation’, etc. Every morning they can get up and toss the dice to decide what they want to do on that day. With this dice, they are sure to enjoy this phase and look forward to use your gift everyday.

You do not require a fortune to buy a humorous gift for anyone. All you need is some creativity, which can be used in ordinary things. Consider their preferences when you are looking for the gift.

Funny retirement gift for neighbors

You might feel jealous at times to see your neighbor lazing around and relaxing, while you are leading a hectic working life. Well, retirement is a well deserved break which they have earned after working for a long time, so they deserve to have an easy time now. You can make this occasion even more special for them, by giving him/her a humorous retirement gift. A good choice is to give tees and baseball caps imprinted with funny retirement messages.

If you cannot think of any funny quotes, you can always browse the web for this. For a personalized look, you can even add a picture of the retiree with the quote on the tee-shirt.

Funny retirement gift for siblings

While giving a retirement gift to a sibling, you can even choose some silly gifts. Get a clock for him/her, minus the battery. The idea is to let the recipient know that since they are not pressed for time, they do not need to know the time. If he/she is someone who loves to sleep, get a comfortable couch with funny messages printed on it. The next time they need to take a nap, this couch with the message will surely put a smile on their face.