Retirement Cake Ideas


Retirement is the time for making a transition in your life from one phase to another. A retirement party or for that matter any celebration is incomplete without a cake. Now, finding the retirement cake idea of your choice should not be a tough thing to so, as there are plenty of things you can incorporate in this. From casual, fun, elegant to formal, there are lots of ideas and themes you can choose for the cake. Of course you must consider what you can afford and also the type of cake that you want.

A good idea would be to have a sugar free cake as well as a regular one. There are many people who prefer to eat sugar free cake, either because of heath conditions or purely by choice. If guests come to the party and cannot get have a bite of the cake because there is no sugar free variety available, it would be a real shame. Both the cakes can have different flavors, so that guests have a bigger choice for their taste buds. When you have two cakes for the party, you also have the option of incorporating more than one idea for the decoration. If the occasion demands it, go ahead and put up some fun decorations on the cake. Some planning is definitely required before you go about incorporating any decorating ideas in a retirement cake. A good idea would be reflecting the past as well as the coming life of the retiree. When it comes to selecting accessories to be used for decorating the cake, there are plenty of options available. From marshmallows, candies, icing sugar, chocolate syrup and other edible stuffs as well. It is best to avoid non-edible stuffs. Use your creativity and come up with some incredible decoration ideas for the retirement cake.

Retirement cakes

Retirement cakes have become an integral part of a party thrown to honor a retiree. If you are good at baking, you can make the cake or else get it made from any outlet which specializes in making such cakes. When you are placing an order to them, you need to tell them clearly what you want in the cake and for this you need to have a clear idea too. Given them specifications about the use of regular sugar or sugar free; also let them know about the flavor and color along with the theme you are looking to have for the cake.

Retirement cake designs

One important thing to keep in mind is that the cake design must reflect the theme of the party, if anything if being incorporated for the same. While there are many shapes and designs that you can choose for the cake, it is always better to consider something that the retiree prefers or identifies with. So, if the retiree was working in navy, the cake can be shape like a boat or ship. The whole idea is to make something that will make it a memorable occasion for them.