Retirement party ideas


Retirement marks the new phase in an individual’s life. And what better way to celebrate this occasion by throwing a party. You can throw your own retirement party or host it for a loved one, with any of the retirement party ideas. Planning for a retirement party is very important, if you want to have a successful one. Think about the things that the retiree prefers and loves. This will give you a good indication about what type of retirement party ideas will be suitable for him/her.

If possible try to talk with the retiree and find out if they are comfortable with the idea you have in mind or not. However, if you are planning this as a surprise, there is of course no scope for this. One thing you have to consider while choosing a party idea is the type of relationship you share with the retiree. If you are not very sure as to how to go about it, choosing a formal party theme will be a good idea. Apart from the preference of the retiree you also need to consider the type of guests, who will be attending the party.

Retirement Party Ideas for loves ones

When it comes to selecting a party idea for a loved one, the choice should not be tough. If it is for somebody close like a sibling, you must surely know what all grand things he/she has in mind to do after retirement. Think of something which they never expect from you and surprise them. Just take care that you do not end up doing something outrageous, shocking the retiree and the guests. The theme of the party must reflect in every aspect of the celebration and make the occasion, something that they can treasure forever.

Retirement Party Ideas for boss

Is your boss planning to live in a tropical destination post retirement? If yes, a good idea would be to host a tropical theme retirement party for him/her. To host a tropical retirement party, the venue must be in at the backyard, garden, pool or any other where there are plenty of open spaces. For decorating the place you can use things like surfboard, torches and masks. You can select appropriate hula music to be played and also ask the guests to dress up keeping in mind the theme. The food must definitely contain some tropical drinks, fruits and dishes.

Retirement Party Ideas for colleague

If you colleague is a travel freak, celebrate this quality by selecting an appropriate theme for his/her retirement party. A good choice would be to include a world travel theme in the retirement party ideas. Ask all the guests coming to this party to come dressed as tourists with casual clothes, backpacks, guidebooks and camera et el. The invitation that you send out can be in form of air tickets, where you can list out the date, venue, etc of the party. For decorations, you can create mini version of popular global tourist attractions, it will give a nice feeling to the whole celebration mood.