Different Hobbies

What are the different hobbies that you can pursue? No one can tell you what you would like to do but then there are a few really popular hobbies that have become a great favorite with retirees. Before you zero in on the hobby, you need to decide how you would like to spend your free time. It could be as simple as establishing strong bonds with family and friends. If you like to cook, you could invite friends and family over, and show off a few cooking skills which you’ve acquired from various cookbooks and the Internet. Add a personal touch to a dish, and get the compliments flowing in from your guests.

Some other hobbies in which you could indulge are:

  • Bird watching- Bird watching or birding is a hobby which you could take up at any point of your retirement, if you like hiking through woods amidst nature or sitting on a river bank, listening to the sweet murmur of the waters flowing by. Some folks join clubs and groups which are avid bird watchers to learn more about bird-watching.
  • Collecting- Many people start collecting coins and stamps in their childhood. Collecting is an engaging hobby which can be taken up even after your retirement. You might have a fascination for just about anything, and might consider collecting it. It could be the works of a particular author, or the first editions of books. It could also be the entire series of a particular comic strip. Some people also collect antiques and paintings. You could consider displaying your collection to friends and also get in touch with other people who share the same passion. Refine your collection, exchange items with other collectors, and in no time you will have an enviable collection of your favorite items.You might have to spend a little money once in a while to acquire an uncommon item, but your “discretionary powers” in choosing what to invest in will leave you with an uncommon collection, which will allow you to leave something of economic worth and perhaps even sentimental value to your heirs. However, it may be advisable to think about your retirement earnings if you are planning to become a “collector” after you retire.
  • Gardening- If you have green fingers, and are also looking for a little bit of exercise, then gardening is the hobby for you. A plot of land and a passion for trees are what you need to start growing flowers, fruits and vegetables around your house. Try and choose some element of gardening which excites you and yet about which you need to learn more. Try growing something new, an interesting diversion from what you generally grow on your plot of land. You could try to grow dwarf fruit trees if you grew only vegetables previously or a rock garden if you have a spot of land you could never cultivate. You could try your hand at bonsai, too. Use the off seasons for learning, studying, ordering and plotting and spring, summer and fall can be used for growing and harvesting. Learn a new technique of gardening and see your hard work bear fruit, literally!
  • Golf- Golf is the current rage among retirees in the US, as the favorite pastime. It is an ideal mix of travel, recreation, sport and enjoyment. If you’ve always liked sports and have been bitten by the travel bug, then you could consider taking up golf as your retirement hobby. It is also a sport which you can enjoy with your spouse if you are married and also enjoy it by yourself. If you are single, you could meet a lot of new and interesting people.According to the estimate of the National Golf Foundation, around 49% of golf players in the US who play 25 rounds or more per year are 50 years of age or older. A little over half of this group is actually 65 or older, indicating the popularity of golf as a retirement hobby. There are golf courses spread throughout the country, which offer courses and amenities to specifically target the needs of this group.
  • Photography- You’ve always been “shutter happy,” and you’ve frozen the memories of every occasion in your life through the lenses of your camera. Now is the time, when you could take photography up as a serious hobby. Take photography lessons, invest in a camera of your choice– camcorder, still digitals, snapshots, slides or panoramas, and click away! You might find yourself the group-appointed photographer within your social circle in no time.
  • Scrapbook- How many times have you taken out your old albums, wanting to relive the golden memories and found the old photos flecked and the corners frayed? If this doesn’t sound unusual, then may be you should make a scrapbook for your old photographs. It is an interesting hobby, which will keep you busy as you prepare your scrapbook album, which can be used as a gift too. Let your imagination run wild while making the album and you will be able to collate the memories of a lifetime.
  • Music- If you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument and yet did not have the time, you could always take that up as a retirement hobby. You might also want to brush up your skills which have rusted over the years. Take voice lessons, to fulfill your desire for singing. If practicing is not what you enjoy, and yet you are a music buff, then start collecting records, audiotapes and CDs of your favorite artists. And if you are for live music concerts, then subscribe to the local symphony or the local college musical venues. Immerse yourself in the world of music and see time fly by, as you pick up a new art, or make the most envious collection of your favorite kind of music.
  • Volunteer- It doesn’t take much to make a difference in the life of the people around you. If you have a Florence Nightingale within you, volunteering after retirement could be a great hobby. Read to young children in the library, teach a course in the area of your expertise, comfort babies in the newborn nursery, or help the elderly, by delivering meals to their homes, or drive invalid people to their medical appointments. All of your small actions will make a big difference in the life of these people, and your reward for the hard work will be the grateful smiles on their lips.
  • Exercise- Design a personal exercise plan, get a trainer and get going. You’ve been busy working all your life and never had the time to take care of your body. This is the time you should shift the focus on yourself and your body, and work on getting into shape.
  • Travel- You will have an ample amount of time once you retire, and if the travel bug has bitten you, set out to explore the world. Visit the places which you always wanted to go, but never had the time to visit. Traveling can be a great hobby after retirement.