Hairstyles for Seniors


Add a touch of zing to your good looks by going for a trendy hairstyle. At 50+, it’s never too late to try out different hairstyles for that out of the way look. In fact, you can give serious competition to the younger generation with your new and modern hairdo.

Speaking of new and trendy hairstyles for seniors, it can be said that there are ample options to try out. Just go through a fashion magazine or ask your salon about the latest hair styles that you can try out.

Hairstyles for women:

As an elderly woman it is best to go for a short hair style. There are, however, variations of the short hair style for you to choose from. The Bob Look is the most common. It’s got a classic look that will go well with your age.

Another trendy hairstyle for seniors that is suitable for elderly women like you is the Pixie Cut. It is basically a short hair style with a spiky look. Imparting a young look, it makes you go back to your hey days. This is truly one of the most modern hair cuts that you can have.

In case you want to sport that playful or carefree look, then why not go for the layered hair style. All short hair need not be crisp. You can have layers in your short hair. It imparts a soft and elegant look. If you want, you can also curl them.

Hairstyles for men:

As a man above 50 you can style your hair and become a style icon amongst your peers. You can go for hair styles sported by Hollywood stars Clint Eastwood, George Clooney or even Anthony Hopkins. In case, you are not interested in going for a celebrity hair style, you can try out the styles available otherwise.

You can experiment with your short hair and go for styles like Crew Cut, Brush Cut or even the Temple Fade. You can also try out the “Bang Style”. In this your hair is cut in such a manner that it falls over your forehead. This is a good way to hide the fine lines of ageing that appear on your forehead.

Nowadays a shaved head is highly popular. So, you can get your head shaved totally. Not only does it give a trendy look, it also brings down the maintenance cost to zero. In fact, the bald look is very much in vogue and gives you a dignified look.

Many kinds of hairstyles for seniors are available, so looking good after 50 is no longer a distant dream. You can try any of the hairstyles for seniors and make yourself the center of attraction.