Make up Tips for Women over 50


Looking good is not just a young women’s prerogative nowadays. In fact, even at 50+ you can look good and have that gorgeous look that will make eyes turn. But you must be wondering how to go about doing this thing. Again, you might not be very happy with the make-up schedule that you are following.

You really don’t need to apply very heavy or loud make up to look good. To make yourself look beautiful and pretty, you can follow the make up tips for women over 50. The tips are easy and allow you to look beautiful without investing much time and effort.
The first thing to remember is that with age the texture of your skin changes. This implies that there needs to be a change in the beauty products and your make-up regimen as well.

The below mentioned make up tips for seniors will help you get the look that you always dreamt of:

  • At 50+ don’t go for vivid shades. They tend to accentuate the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. It’s best if you go for soft and natural colors.
  • Apply less make up. At 50+ you will look better if you apply minimal make-up.
  • Make sure that your skin is clean and free from any dead cells. Before applying make up make sure you wash your face and exfoliate it. This will work wonders on your complexion and add to your beauty.
  • While applying a foundation, make sure it is moisture based. Use a shade that is same as the color of your skin and apply a light coat.
  • While choosing a lipstick, its better you go for neutral or natural tones. Color your lips very lightly.
  • In case you are applying blush, then the best thing to do is to use one that is cream based. Apply the blush uniformly all over your face.
  • Another tip that you can keep in mind is avoiding of matte products. At 50+ your skin tends to go dry. Hence, these kinds of products tend to give your skin a rough and pasty look that is an absolute “no no”.
  • The final tip for looking good after 50 is that you should use make up to beautify your face, not define it.

Just keep these tips in mind and you will see how, even at 50+, you attract attention wherever you go. And who knows, even the younger women may come to and ask you for make up tips.