Lifelong Learning Resources


Where can you get information on lifelong learning programs?

You may inquire about lifelong learning programs from:

  • Community Colleges
  • Technical Schools or Trade Schools
  • Public Schools, as well as Private Schools
  • Libraries
  • Public Universities
  • Some large cities and counties offer special lifelong programs. You may inquire about lifelong learning programs from your local education authorities.
  • Local “Senior Centers” offer special lifelong learning options for senior citizens who are 65 or above. They may also offer the option of joining social groups.

The US Department of Education and lifelong learning programs.

The US Department of Education supports adult education programs. You may want to look up the “Graduate Study & Adult Learning” section under “Students” at

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), a part of the US Department of Education, offers help with lifelong learning programs. If you want to find out about lifelong learning resources that are close to your home, you may go to the “Schools/Library Search” section at

You may also check at for online lifelong learning resources.

Lifelong learning communities – A new concept in active adult communities.

More and more seniors and baby boomers today are showing an active interest in adult learning or lifelong learning programs. In fact, this has resulted in the formation of lifelong learning residential communities. Small town colleges and universities are proving to be “hot” retirement destinations for these “active adults.” It has been found that a sizable number of adults between the age group 55 and 75 are opting for campus life. This group prefers to retire to a home in a college or a university campus, and “re-live” their campus days! In case you would like to learn more about these active adult communities, we suggest you check at