Traveling after Retirement – The Shoulder Season


    What is “shoulder season?”

Imagine buying a calendar on the 5th of January! Probably you paid half of what others did when they bought the same calendar, say, a week before. We are not asking you buy a calendar on the 31st of January-but what we are hinting at is the timing. Shoulder season, or shoulder-season, is the time between the high (or, the peak) season and the low season. Frugal retirement with big-time fun is all about careful planning, and being on the lookout for great deals.

If you decide to go to particular destination when thousands of others are going to the same place, you will have to pay more–only because that particular destination is “in demand.” For example, Alaska is a “hot” tourist spot in summer. On the other hand, it may not be very advisable to visit a place when no one wants to go there. This is usually the case with the low season. Imagine visiting Alaska at the peak of winter! It may not be a very comfortable trip.
However, if you choose a time just after the peak season ends and a few weeks or a few months before the low season begins, you will spend far less on your travel expenses and at the same time have just as much fun. This is the reason it is wise to choose the “shoulder season” as your time for travel.


In fact, there are travel agencies and travel websites that offer shoulder season travel options. Special travel deals may be available for seniors and retirees, too. You may look for budget travel deals at:


  • “TravelZoo” (TravelZoo.Com)
  • “HotWire” (HotWire.Com)
  • “SkyAuction” (SkyAuction.Com)
  • “PriceLine” (PriceLine.Com)
  • “Last Minute” (LastMinute.Com)


For example, a visit to the “Travel Specials” section of “iExplore” (website at “iExplore.Com”) will leave you confused with the number of “discount offers” that are on offer for travelers.


Also, there are travel agencies like “Cox and Kings USA” (CoxAndKingsUSA.Com) that offer great travel deals to most corners of the world. Retirement is the ideal time to go on a trip. You can simply enjoy yourself without having to worry about your work place. Just remember to check whether every aspect of your travel plan, from hotels, flights to sightseeing, is taken care of by your travel agent or your travel agency. The idea is to ensure that you select a “worry free” trip that also goes easy on your pocket. Do not forget to compare the rates that are offered by the travel websites and the travel agencies before you finalize your trip.