Stay Healthy after Retirement


Tips to stay healthy after retirement

  • The question of “health” is important not only for seniors and retirees but also for young people. Whether it’s before retirement or after retirement-you need to be conscious about your health. A healthy adult is an active adult. It goes without saying that medicals or medical checkups should not be missed.
  • Talking about “health”, have you thought about the amount of cash that you may be spending on “junk food?” If you want to have a frugal retirement with big time fun, cutting down on the consumption of junk foods will help in more ways than one.


Junk foods like colas, chips, and burgers (the list is pretty long), cause a lot of health related problems. Obesity and tooth decay are just two of these problems. Cutting down on junk food will help you to save money, and at the same time stay healthy.

  • Water is one of the best “health drinks” that is available. Make it a point to substitute colas with water, whether you are at a restaurant or at home. Drinking a lot of water helps you to stay healthy, and have a glowing complexion too. Isn’t this tempting enough to substitute that can of cola with a glass of water?
  • With a little bit of regular exercise, you have a better chance of staying fit. This means you also cut down on your medical expenses. Practicing light workouts, yoga, meditation, and swimming on a regular basis will result in a “slimmer, sexier, and healthier…You!” Now, that should be encouragement enough for anyone.