Savings after Retirement


Tips on saving after retirement


  • Think of all those trips that you may make to the beautician. You may consider “herbal” or “natural” therapy, instead. There are numerous resources available to help you learn about “home remedies.” natural products like cucumbers, papayas, milk, yogurt, and beer can be used for making “home made beauty products,” and they are just as effective. A frugal retirement can be a lot of fun if we know just where and how to save.
  • Speaking of active adults, if you love gardening, you may consider maintaining a “kitchen garden.” You can enjoy “home grown” vegetables, and you can save by having to buy fewer vegetables from the supermarket.
  • And don’t forget those credit cards! If you really want to control your expenses one of the main areas that you need to keep a check on is the use of “plastic money”, or credit cards. Don’t buy impulsively, and never buy on credit unless unavoidable.
  • Before you go to the ATM to withdraw some cash, decide if you really need the money at that time. It’s best to set a monthly budget for your expenses, and maintain an “emergency fund,” for any unplanned expenses. Try to stay within that budget. After all these years of working and planning your finances, this should not be a problem.

You may also choose to move to a cheaper location. For more details on retirement locations within and outside the US, we suggest that you check our section on “Retirement Locations.”