Golfing after Retirement


Golfing after retirement

Golfing is another passion among retirees and seniors. Golf has gained such a huge popularity that there are golf course communities, and special golf tours! You may be under the impression that these are expensive options. Not exactly, that is if you know where to look. Surfing travel sites and real estate sites on the internet may be a great way to begin.

There are sites like “DiscountGolfTours” (DiscountGolfTours.Com) that offers great deals on “golf tours.” Again, if you want to “live” your passion and want to live in a “golf course community” we suggest that you do some “searching” before deciding on the community of your choice. Frankly, it actually “pays” to do your homework. There are communities that are quite expensive and there are quite a few that are quite affordable. You can find this out only if you spend some time comparing the rates at which the accommodation facilities are being offered. For instance, there are websites like “ActiveAdultLiving” (ActiveAdultLiving.Com) that offer great rates. You can do some research and decide on settling somewhere that suits your pocket as well as your interests. In fact, quite a few of these sites have a FSBO (For Sale by Owner) section.
This means that you can look for affordable homes in case you want to move to another location after retirement or you can even advertise your home if you want to sell your home to finance your new home.

There are organizations in the US, like “Senior Lifestyle Corporation” (SeniorLifestyle.Com) that offer guidance to seniors (and retirees) on residential communities that are suited to their needs.

Join the AARP

Any 50+ adult in the US can join the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons, website AARP.Org). The membership amount is ridiculously low. One really good way of planning some “big time fun” along with a frugal retirement is to go to the section on “Leisure” on the AARP website. You can get information on a range of topics like great ways to travel, travel discounts, games like Sudoku, sharing recipes, birding, and…well, the list is quite “unending.”