Get Active after Retirement


What about joining “Lifelong Learning” and “Community Service?”


  • You may also take up a “beautician course,” and be a “beautician.” Since we have mentioned “course,” we suggest that you take a look at our section on “Lifelong Learning” Retirement is fun but then boredom cannot be overlooked, too. In fact baby boomers are enjoying the concept of lifelong learning so much that they are actually opting for “lifelong learning campus communities.” An organization called Campus Continuum (website: CampusContinuum.Com) is developing “campus-based housing” for retirees and baby boomers who have simply fallen in love with the concept of “lifelong learning” to an extent that they want to live as close to the university as possible!

    When you don’t have a “regular” workplace to go to, you may start feeling bored at home. It may be a good idea to join some adult education class, and spend time doing what you like.

  • You could try a part-time job. For example, if you like reading books you may complete a course in librarianship, and start working part-time as a librarian. Part time jobs will actually help to add to your retirement income. If you really want to enjoy “big-time fun” after you retire, you need to be a little innovative. Converting a retirement hobby into a part time career, may be a really exciting option.


You may be wondering, “Why should I continue to work after retirement?” You will be surprised to know that more and more seniors and retirees are looking for careers after retirement. It’s not only about the extra cash. It has been observed that adults who remain active are better off when it comes to disorders like depression and dementia. In fact, taking up a career after retirement is usually about taking up a “job” that matches your interests. If you like what you do, you can end up having a lot of fun when you take up a “career” after retirement. Often, retirees decide to join community service. You can “volunteer” for community service, and at the same time you can also take up a job at one of the organizations that offer community service.

If you need more information on the community service we suggest that you check the section on “Community Service” at Future Years. It’s a matter of choice-“YOUR” choice


The bottom line is “you are the best judge.” How you would like to adjust your lifestyle after retirement, and how you would like to enjoy your retirement is something only you can decide. We have offered a few suggestions, here. All you need to remember is retirement is a new beginning so, go ahead and enjoy yourself.