How to Control Your Retirement Expenses?


Tips on “Controlling Your Expenses.”

  •  One really good way of controlling unplanned expenses is to avoid the trap of discount coupons and special offers. You receive a discount coupon on say, pizzas. To use the coupon you have to order another pizza, or some similar “condition.” If you want to really enjoy a “frugal retirement” you need to restrict yourself to buying things you really need. It may be a pizza or a new brand of deodorant. Think before you buy. It’s nice to try out new products but it’s not a good idea to spend simply because of a new “offer” or a few “discount coupons.” This may be a little difficult especially with all those ad campaigns to tempt you. But with a little practice you can get over the “temptation” to spend when you don’t need to.
  • We had mentioned “saving,” and may be you are still wondering “how?” Think of the times you make your trips to the supermarket. If instead of making three trips a month, you do a little bit of planning and try to reduce the number of trips to two per month. This will certainly help you cut down on the dollars that you spend for gasoline.
  • If you are traveling short distances, it may be a good idea to ride a bicycle instead of taking your car. In fact, riding a bicycle is also going to be very healthy for you.