What is Frugal Retirement?


What is “frugal retirement?”


If you are still apprehensive about “frugal retirement” then you need not feel confused or apprehensive any more. A “frugal retirement” is simply a “planned retirement” in which you spend your money wisely, to get the maximum benefit from each hard-earned dollar. All you need to do is to plan your retirement earnings, plan how you want to use your nest egg, and you are already on your way to enjoying some “big-time fun.”

Planning your retirement spending is not about living below the standard of living you have enjoyed in your working years. This is a very common apprehension among retirees and seniors. Planning how to spend your retirement earnings is not about depriving yourself of the things that you have loved doing all your life, the small indulgences that you keep enjoying with your family and friends.
It is all about making some minor adjustments. All you need to do is spend a little time deciding on your necessities and your luxuries. Do we sound ominous? If you are feeling a bit “de-motivated” then, maybe, this example will help to clear the confusion. Imagine a regular trip to the supermarket. Forget the word “retirement” for now. When you go to the supermarket don’t you plan what you need to buy? Don’t you categorize items under “must buys” and “may be it will be nice if I could have…?” and similar “categories?” Once you reach the supermarket don’t you check if your “must buys” are available from the “discount” or the “great offers” shelves? Exactly! It’s not about seniors or retirees. This applies to anyone, who wants to use his dollars wisely. Once you get this done, you actually have enough to spend for some “fun” activities.

How should you approach retirement?


Do you have mixed feelings about retirement? You are not alone. During all those years of running around to meet deadlines, planning work schedules, and a lot of “workplace related” concerns, you must have longed for retirement many times during your career. However, the closer you get toward your retirement day, the more likely you are to worry about where the money is going to come from once you quit work. You may be thinking about how to do some “cost cutting,” how to make the most of your nest egg. If you plan your retirement days in advance, chances are you will not have to worry about where the money is going to come from when you enjoy yourself. At Future Years, we have worked out ways in which you can have a frugal retirement, and still have big-time fun!

Yes! We are talking about big-time fun after retirement. In fact quite a few retirees must be doing that already. If you are serious about “Frugal Retirement with Big-Time Fun,” then it’s time you realized that we are not telling you anything new. We are not offering you any new secrets or formulas for enjoying yourself-you must have been following these “cool tips” all this while. Just think of “discount deals,” and “off season discounts,” and you are already there.