Senior Theater USA


Senior Theater USA is an organization that produces and promotes theater festivals for seniors in the US. Senior theater is booming industry in the US. More than 500 senior theater performing groups are active in the country. Senior Theater USA provides a single platform for the budding, senior theater performers who want to showcase their skills.

How did it all start?

The Senior Theater USA was formed in 1992 as a result of a meeting between the ATHE Senior Theater Focus members. The participants at the meeting included people like Ann McDonough, Arne Lindquist and Joy Reilly. Senior Theater USA Festival

The Senior Theater USA Festival gives a chance to the hundreds of senior performers to exhibit their skills on stage. Different kinds of senior theater companies are invited to perform at the festival. Workshops are held during the course of the festival that help you to learn various interesting facets related to the performing arts. The first ever Senior Theater USA festival was held in Las Vegas and in 2008, the festival was hosted in Baltimore.

Senior Theater League of America

In 1999, the Educational Theater Association managed to convince Senior Theater USA for a merger. That eventually led to the formation of the Senior Theater League of America. It under the aegis of the Senior Theater League of America that festivals were held in Las Vegas in 2004 and St. Louis in 2006.

Current Status

With the help of Educational Theater Association, Senior Theater USA has now taken on the mantle of producing and promoting senior theater conferences and festivals in the US. The organization aims to connect all seniors and senior groups interested in participating in theatrical performances.