Senior Star Showcase


Senior Star Showcase is a musical troupe that comprises members aged 55 years and above. Surprised? Don’t be; they are more active than many of the young people in the US. The members of the Senior Star Showcase act, dance and sing their way into the audiences’ heart. The senior performers with their engrossing tap dances, jazz and comedy routines can give the seasoned professionals a run for their money. Some of the senior Americans are pursuing an active second career as actors, musicians and dancers with Senior Star Showcase in Baltimore.

How did it all start?

Senior Star Showcase came into being with the creation of a senior choir that comprised 16 singers. It was only a bit later that Senior Star Showcase moved on to theatrical productions This happened during the 1980s, under the guidance of Arne Lindquist who was the managing director and conductor of the group. The troupe began to get noticed with its first Broadway performance- Oklahoma.


Over the years

In a few years of time, the membership of Senior Star Showcase began to grow. More and more seniors joined the troupe. The popularity of Senior Star Showcase led to the production of other Broadway performances like the Guys and Dolls, Annie Get your Gun, Hello Dolly, Kiss Me Kate, Music Man and Scrooge the Musical. Every year the group produces a popular musical and an original scripted show is enacted to complement the musical.

Venues or Locations

Senior Star Showcase tours and performs at different locations in the US. Apart from the Community College of Baltimore County, the troupe has performed at the Senior Theater Festival in Las Vegas, and also in New York, Washington D.C. and Maryland. During a tour, Senior Star Showcase performs for local colleges, churches, nursing homes and retirement communities.

Contact information

Address: Community College of Baltimore County
7201 Rossville Blvd.
Maryland 21237-3899

Phone: 410-780-6535