Sarasota Senior Theater


The Sarasota Senior Theater troupe, based in Florida, provides a great chance to actively participate in theater activities. At the Sarasota Senior Theater you get to learn how to act, dance and sing. They also instruct you on how to write plays and musicals. Sarasota Senior Theater offers a fun and creative place for the seniors. The troupe has managed to achieve the remarkable feat of bringing together seniors and young children under a single platform. At Sarasota Senior Theater, you could be sharing the stage with young children aged 8 years or less!

How did it all start?The Sarasota Senior Theater troupe started as a nonprofit organization in October, 2000. The members of the troupe include seniors aged 55 years or above. The Sarasota Senior Theater began its journey with an initial grant of $5000. The Sarasota Senior Theater aims to improve the quality of life of the American seniors through theater activities. The healthy and active members of the troupe indicate that theater does have a positive effect on the seniors.
Over the years

It 2002, Sarasota Senior Theater introduced the concept of Intergenerational Theater. Young children aged between 5-14 years learned to act, sing and dance. The participation of young children in some of the senior’s plays enthralled the audiences. It was only a matter of time before Sarasota Senior Theater began to host road shows.

Venues or Locations

For rehearsal space, Sarasota Senior Theater depends on the Senior Friendship Center. The troupe also uses libraries and churches to conducts rehearsals. Shows are performed at the Cook Theater, the FSU center for the performing arts.


Sarasota Senior Theater began to be noticed when it won a musical competition at the International Senior Theater Conference. Later on the Sarasota Herald Tribune bestowed the Golden Gavel Award upon the troupe for its excellent community service.
Contact information

Sarasota Senior Theater
Address: P.O. Box 17996
Florida- 34276
Phone: 941-922-2185