Travel Insurance Claim


A few simple precautions will ensure that you don’t have a difficult time filing your travel insurance claim. To get all your financial dues cleared, you have to file your travel insurance claim in the right manner.

Filing a Travel Insurance Claim

  • Inform the Insurance agency about your travel plans at the time of buying the policy.
  • Prepare a list of the luggage and valuables you are carrying with you – this will ensure quick detection of missing items, enabling you to file your claim faster.
  • Loss of property while traveling should be immediately brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities like hotel management, train conductor, bus driver, tour leader and police.
  • Keep a record of the people you speak with regarding your travel insurance claim.


There are different types of travel insurance plans, and each covers a different set of emergencies. You can make an insurance claim only if you face any of the emergencies listed in your travel insurance plan. In order to claim travel insurance you need to carry your travel insurance documents with you. You need to produce a valid document to support your claim regarding any cancellation or delay. Do not forget to inform your travel agent in addition to your insurance company.

You need to provide some proof of travel like a ticket, itinerary or receipt to prove that you had indeed traveled on that date. Different insurance companies have different rules and requirements for insurance claims. Find out in advance from your travel insurance providers what documents they would require if you need to file a claim later.