Travel Insurance

Do you have a zest for travel? Now that you have retired, you can go on a long holiday without having to worry about planning your travel around your job demands. Today, seniors in the US are choosing to go on a variety of exciting tours. In fact, there has been a 36% rise in the number of US senior citizens traveling around the world. However, traveling always has a little bit of risk attached to it. You might have taken a lot of precautions to plan your post-retirement trip in detail, but you may still run into some unforeseen risks. Travel insurance ensures that you have an enjoyable trip without worrying about unanticipated losses.

Senior Travel Insurance – Is It for You?

Your health insurance and credit card may already cover a lot of things connected with your vacation. But don’t take those for granted – it pays to find out exactly what they do and don’t cover. In addition, you can purchase a basic flight insurance policy for just $10. This can protect you if something goes wrong on your flight.

You will find more comprehensive policies offering 3 to 8 percent of the total cost of your trip as coverage. There are custom-made policies that cover your rental car against accidents. You can also get coverage for your luggage in case it is stolen, lost or damaged.

US travel insurance companies like AIG Travel Guard provide coverage for flight cancellations. This works even if you cancel your trip, and you can get back up to 75% of your trip value. Other companies have policies that allow you to cancel your trip if there is any terrorist activity at your destination within 30 days prior to your arrival.

Today, you will find a lot of policies which are inexpensive and offer basic protection during your trip. It would be wise to invest a little more in your holiday and ensure your peace of mind so that your holiday becomes an enjoyable experience for you.