Liability Umbrella Policies


An umbrella policy is a type of liability insurance which protects the insured against claims above and beyond the amounts covered by their primary policies and against claims not covered by other policies. For instance, you can use an umbrella policy to cover your automobile and homeowners liability policies. Umbrella liability is quite affordable.

In case you are grappling with a lawsuit and find your existing liability coverage unable to cope with the claims made by the aggrieved party, a liability umbrella policy will help you to make up for the deficit amount.

For the huge benefit that a liability umbrella policy provides, the premiums are not too high. For example, by paying an annual premium of about $300, you can get $1 million worth of coverage.

The cost of a liability umbrella policy depends on factors like, the insurance firm you deal with, the amount of coverage you want and your personal risk factors. Your credit report is likely to be inquired upon, before an insurance firm offers a liability umbrella policy.

Remember, any risk that can be quantified can be insured. Choose from the different types of insurance programs that exist. Protect your future now and live a hassle free life tomorrow.

In fact your state insurance department is a good source if you want information on insurance related queries.