Purchasing Prescription Drugs Online – Legal Issues


Can you buy prescription drugs online? Is it legal?

Have you ever given buying drugs online a thought? Buying drugs from international sources is not free from legal hassles and so, using the services of US-based online pharmacies may be a good choice for you. As a senior, you may be heartened to know that there are a few online pharmacy sites that have accreditation from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) known as Verified Internet Pharmacy Sites (VIPPS).They sell FDA approved drugs and have licensed pharmacists on board. It is legal to buy drugs from these sites and completely safe too. If you want to find out what these sites are, or whether an online pharmacy is accredited by NABP, we suggest you visit the VIPPS section under ‘Accreditation Programs’ at NABP.Net.

The generic drugs sold at these online pharmacies are often quite inexpensive. To know more about generic drugs, you can take a look at the Prescription drugs brand name versus genericsection, of Future Years.

If you are wondering whether you can buy drugs from foreign pharmacy websites, you should know that foreign pharmacies cannot ship prescription drugs into the US, unless they are FDA approved. Make sure you are aware about all the legal issues of purchasing drugs internationally, before you decide to buy drugs from foreign sources.