Medicare Part C and Medicare Part D


Part C of the Medicare plan actually means getting your Medicare benefits from private health insurance plans instead of through the original Medicare plan. This plan, the Medicare + Choice or the “Medicare Advantage” requires you to pay a monthly premium in addition to the Medicare Part B premium and generally a fixed amount whenever you see a doctor. However, the co-payment may become higher if you see a specialist. You must remember that this plan may cost you more than what the original Medicare plan does. Medicare Part D

Those of you in the original Medicare plan can add drug coverage by joining the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Private companies that work with Medicare provide prescription drug coverage.

If you have Medicare Hospital Insurance and Medical Insurance, you are automatically entitled to the Prescription Drug Plan. One of the benefits of the Prescription Drug Plan is that you pay less for your prescriptions. You may use your Medicare ID card at any drug store. If you have a limited income, you may also be entitled to extra help for your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan costs.

Will you get help paying for Medicare Prescription Drug Plan?

Yes, if you have a limited income, you may qualify. If you qualify automatically, you do not have to pay a premium if you join certain basic Medicare drug plans. Even if you do not qualify automatically, you can still get help for your prescription drug costs. For more detailed information visit the “Prescription Drug Plan” section of the Medicare website, and check the section on prescription drug plans.

If you join a Medicare health plan, you will be given a card that you will use to get your Medicare-covered services. You will receive this card 3 months prior to eligibility. The card will have your name, Medicare claim number, type of coverage you have (Part A, Part B or both) along with the date your coverage starts.

Wherever you receive medical care, simply show your card. This assures a claim for payment being sent to Medicare. Make sure to use your exact name and claim number. For those of you who are married, your spouse will have his or her personal card and claim number. Be careful with your card and do not misplace it. Keep your card handy for a Medicare claim.