Healthcare in MN


Healthcare in MN – an Introduction

Healthcare in MN is largely administered by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). It works toward improving the general health and healthcare in Minnesota. Works along with the Minnesota Department of Human Services as well as other public and private partners, the main goal of the department is to improve the condition of health in the state of Minnesota and also to promote quality, affordable and accessible care for all. On the other hand, the Minnesota Department of Human Services, another important player in healthcare in MN, ensures the basic healthcare coverage for citizens from low income group. It has got three major publicly subsidized healthcare assistance programs to serve the citizens.

The healthcare in MN is offered by a number of healthcare providers including small or hospitals, dental clinics, medical clinics, nurse’s office, physician’s office, assisted-care and long-term care facilities etc.
Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP)

Minnesota Health Care Programs are offered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. There are three basic health care programs offered in MHCP, viz. Medical Assistance (MA), General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) and MinnesotaCare. MinnesotaCare is administered by DHS, whereas the other two are administered by the counties. However, MHCP oversees those.

MHCPs are aimed to provide medical services to the lower income group. These programs pay full or part of the enrollee’s medical expanses for a range of cases like adults with disabilities, children with disabilities, families with children under 21, pregnant women and newborns, people of age 65 and above, people living in a nursing home and home and community services.
Medical Assistance (MA)

Medical Assistance is the largest of all the three Minnesota Health Care Programs. It provides health care and prescription medication coverage to low-come older citizens, children and families. People with disabilities are also included in this plan.
General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC)

GAMC is for the low-income citizens who don’t qualify for MA or any other state or federal programs. Low-income adults between 21 and 64 without any dependent children are eligible for this program.

Those who don’t have any access to affordable health care coverage are eligible for this program. However, those are not eligible for this program if their get health insurance from their employers and also get paid at least half of the monthly cost.