Medical Tourism in Mexico


Rising medical costs have made Americans look for alternative destinations for affordable healthcare facilities. You could visit Malta for medical services at affordable costs. The number of Americans visiting Malta for medical tourism is on the rise. The advanced healthcare services and facilities provided in Malta have turned the island into “the hospital of the Mediterranean”. Some of the factors that contribute to the popularity of medical tourism in Malta include low costs, quality medical facilities and presence of qualified doctors and medical staff in the country.

It may be interesting to note that during World War I, Malta was known as “the nurse of the Mediterranean.” This in itself speaks volumes for healthcare in Malta. The location of Malta and its Mediterranean climate makes it an ideal convalescence destination. This was the first ever “official ranking” of healthcare in Malta. So, medical tourism in Malta is not exactly a “new” concept.

The hospitals and medical centers in Malta are equipped with modern medical instruments and products. Qualified and experienced doctors and medical practitioners form an inseparable part of the medical system in Malta. All these factors have led to the recognition of Malta as one of the world’s premier medical tourism destination. In fact, the World Health Organization ranked Malta among the top ten healthcare providers in the Health League Table. This is a worldwide ranking.

Malta has never ceased to charm its visitors. The warm Mediterranean weather and exotic coastlines contribute towards a rejuvenating holiday in Malta. You are likely to find medical tourism in Malta to be an enjoyable experience.

English is the second official language in Malta. Under normal circumstances, you are unlikely to find it difficult to communicate with doctors and other medical staff in Malta. The medical packages in Malta usually include medical tests, surgery, accommodation facilities and transportation.