Medical Tourism in Israel


Medical tourism in Israel attracts foreigners from across the world, including the United States. Israeli doctors and medical practitioners possess a high level of expertise and Americans can avail of good quality, specialized treatments at significantly lower costs in Israel. The growing popularity of Israel as a major tourist destination for medical treatments can be seen from the fact that in the year 2006, about 15,000 foreigners traveled to Israel for medical procedures like bone marrow transplants, heart surgery and neurological treatments.

Therapeutic resorts form an integral part of medical tourism in Israel. You could receive holistic treatments for your ailments at one of the several therapeutic resorts across the country. Alternative medicine options in Israel include water therapy, ayurveda and massages.

The presence of hot springs, spa hotels and health resorts also contribute towards the growing popularity of the nation as a premier destination for medical tourism in the world. The sunny climate of Israel further adds to its attractiveness and medical travelers from across the world, including the US, can enjoy a rejuvenating experience in Israel.