Medical Tourism in Hong Kong


The Asian hub for cancer treatment and medical tourism – Hong Kong, is one of the leading global medical tourism destinations, renowned for the high standard and low cost of treatments available here. Besides affordable costs and some of the most attractive opportunities for medical tourists from worldwide, medical tourism in Hong Kong offers specialized medical consultations, treatments and surgeries pertaining to several branches of medicine including cardiology, orthopedics, nephrology, neurology, dentistry, oncology, infertility and gynecology to name a few.

Medical tourism is fast becoming an emerging trend worldwide, with people of all age groups traveling abroad to seek low-cost yet first-class medical treatments. The US and the UK top the list of health tourists traveling to low-cost countries like Brazil, Hong Kong and India for medical treatments at a significantly low cost than what they would pay in the US.

A survey revealed that about 500,000 US citizens traveled out of the country to seek medical and dental treatments in 2005. And the number is on a constant high as everyday, more and more Americans are choosing to seek low-cost medical options abroad. For instance, if you are traveling to Hong Kong for medical procedures, you are not only getting treatments done at a mere fraction of the cost in the US but also beating the long and erratic wait lists!

Home to the world’s first non-governmental Chinese-Western Oncology Rehabilitation Center, Hong Kong presents a wide range of health care services for national as well as foreign patients. Hong Kong Medical Tourism offers various medical procedures for both men and women of all age groups. The country boasts of globally recognized hospitals, highly skilled medical and nursing staffs and state-of-the-art technology – key factors that make Hong Kong one of the most sought after destinations for health tourism.

Cost savings in medical consultancy and surgeries is one of the chief reasons for the popularity of health tourism in Hong Kong. On most medical procedures, Hong Kong offers significantly cheaper options for medical treatments, with the result that health tourists from the US can make substantial savings compared to costs of similar treatments in America. For older Americans, the biggest advantage of health tourism in Hong Kong is that they not only get to explore an exotic destination but are also able to reap big monetary savings.