Health care in France


France has one of the well known health care systems in the world. According to a recent survey of the World Health Organization, France is one of the best places to get a treatment. The cutting edge medical facilities and services matched with specialized care have made the country as one of the most preferred health care destinations among aged Americans.

The health care system in France is a blend of public sand private medical services. The main objective of the health care system is to advanced medical facilities and services at low rates. Compared to other countries, the cost of health care is much lower which makes it easy for the patients to have affordable health care.

In the year 2004, health care in France underwent a major reform. The Carte Vitale smart card medical system was introduced for affordable health care, improvement of the patients with rare ailments, prevention of infectious diseases and other medical services. Efforts were also made to reduce medical fraud. As per the national medical program, around 75% of the doctors provide free health care to the patients.

For aged Americans, going to France can be an ideal choice. The wonderful health care system in the country has also made it one of the popular destinations of medical tourism. Health care also brings good revenue to the country’s economy. Around 15.4% of the public expenditure of the country is spent of health care.

The hospitals, nursing homes and other health care centers provide cutting edge medical facilities and services. The high class medical services are also backed by a team of expert doctors, professional paramedic staff, expert medical professionals and other specialized support staff.

Emergency health care facilities are also well developed in France. The main emergency service is the Emergency Medical Assistance Service. It also looks after the ailing aged patients in emergency situations.

Another big advantage of healthcare in France is the post hospital and rehabilitation packages. The cost of living in France is more or less affordable and the basic facilities and services are available at reasonable rates. This makes it easier for the patient to have proper post hospital or rehabilitation costs in a hassle free and cost effective manner.