Medical Tourism in Cuba


Need surgery but not sure about your medical tourism trip? How about an exotic blend of “the Sun, the Sea and Surgery?” No, we are not trying to make light of your medical procedure. We are simply trying to tell you that you can actually enjoy your “medical vacation.” Counted among the world’s fastest growing travel destinations, Cuba in the Caribbean is also a premier destination for global medical tourism.

The beautiful coastline, pristine beaches and enchanting heritage of Cuba make recuperation a pleasure here; and if you are an American planning to travel overseas for cost-effective medical procedures, medical tourism in Cuba can just be the right “prescription” to put you on the fast-track to better health!

The Cuban government has taken measures to maintain health care as an absolute priority. This has resulted in the Cuban healthcare system being internationally renowned as one of the best worldwide. In fact, medical tourism in Cuba, and the successful export of its medical technology abroad have given a much-needed boost to the struggling economy of the country. According to latest surveys, the numbers of medical tourists flocking to Cuba is increasing by 20 percent every year.

Due to the skyrocketing costs of healthcare in the United States, more and more US citizens are seeking medical treatments abroad. American seniors as well as those belonging to younger age groups are increasingly getting lured by drastic cost-savings for most medical procedures in countries like Cuba and other renowned ‘health tourism’ destinations. You’ll be surprised to find that with medical tourism in Cuba, you have to pay less than a quarter or even as little as a tenth of what you’d pay for medical treatments back home. This way, you’re not only getting treatments done at a mere fraction of the cost but also beating the long and erratic wait lists in the US.

With professional experts, state-of-the-art technological aids and several specialist hospitals, clinics, health spas and resorts catering to foreign visitors, Cuba is receiving more and more American health tourists of all age groups. In fact, senior healthcare in the US has become so expensive that baby boomers have little option today but to travel to Cuba and other such international destinations to seek medical services. And why only seniors? Younger Americans are also making using of Cuba’s great healthcare facilities. After all, who doesn’t want to save!

Statistics reveal that in 2005, more than 19,600 international health tourists traveled to Cuba for various kinds of treatments including eye-surgery, neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, and orthopedics. However, it is the unique Cuban treatment of retinitis pigmentosa – commonly known as night blindness – that has attracted numerous US patients to seek medical services in Cuba.

Though the common citizens of Cuba are often denied a decent standard of healthcare, yet the booming medical tourism sector in Cuba offers health tourists world-class care at prices that are far lower than those in the United States. A fine network of specialist medical and health centers in the country make sure that foreign tourists visiting Cuba on health trips receive the finest of care in form of the most advanced medical treatments, technical equipment and pleasant recuperation resorts.


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