Medical Tourism in Costa Rica


If you are wondering if there can be a recuperating session where you can “wade off” your ailments while simultaneously enjoying a relaxing holiday– the answer is yes! Costa Rica can well be the ideal destination for all those Americans who are not willing to travel to distant parts of the globe for healthcare treatments. Medical tourism in Costa Rica — with fully-equipped modern clinics and hospitals, and proficient medical personnel trained in some of the best known international teaching centers offers excellent medical services to citizens as well as foreigners who are visiting Costa Rica for medical purposes.

In fact, by choosing Costa Rica as your medical tourism destination you can have a great mix of a beach holiday, an eco tour as well as a medical tour. It all depends on how you plan your medical tour in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is renowned worldwide for offering high quality, low cost medical treatments. A tropical paradise offering excellent surfing, beaches galore and a pleasant climate – Costa Rica or “Central America’s Jewel” as it is often referred to, has a lot more to offer than tourism!

One of the best medical tourism destinations worldwide, Costa Rica provides medical, dental and surgical treatments at a significantly low cost, at the same time imparting greater care to medical tourists than given as part of healthcare in the United States. This is precisely why more and more Americans, seniors as well as the younger generation, are opting for medical procedures done in Costa Rica. By making this choice, Americans are not only getting medical treatments done at a mere fraction of the cost but also avoiding the long and erratic waiting times so frequent in the US!

In fact, Americans are showing an increasing preference for traveling abroad for medical treatments and cosmetic surgeries mainly for the following reasons:

  • Lesser “wait” period
  • Lower costs
  • World class healthcare facilities at much lower rates
  • More “personalized” healthcare compared to what you would expect in the US


According to a survey conducted by the University of Costa Rica in 1991, 14.25% of all tourists to Costa Rica come to seek some sort of medical services – most often cosmetic surgery and dental procedures. There is an increasing influx of Americans, seniors, retirees and the younger generation, who are traveling to Costa Rica for medical treatment that is too costly back home.

You can, in fact, save up to 75% off US prices for plastic surgery, bariatric medicine, general and cosmetic dentistry, general surgery, and various other healthcare procedures. Whether you are at Costa Rica for elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery or life-saving operations like bypass and heart transplants, health tourism for senior Americans in Costa Rica will prove extremely beneficial. In fact, you can specifically enquire about special packages for retirees and baby boomers before you plan a medical tour to Costa Rica.

The Health Tourism Corporation in Costa Rica works in collaboration with the medical community in Costa Rica and the Costa Rica Tourist Board (ICT) to function as the most suitable and experienced gateway for American Medical Tourists in Costa Rica to access any part of the Costa Rican medical system. The healthcare system in Costa Rica features an integrated network and treatment team consisting of US-trained expert physicians, surgeons and dentists.