Medical Tourism in Brazil


Can you imagine how great it would feel to actually experience a combination of smart health care and exotic travel? Welcome to Brazil – the land of samba, soccer and exotic beaches, which also offers a chance to obtain low-cost, first-class medical treatment. If you have a medical tour to Brazil in mind then you may also look forward to a rejuvenating post-care vacation filled with fun and excitement.

Often dubbed the international Mecca for cosmetic and plastic surgeries, Brazil in South America, is known for being the second largest destination for plastic surgery in the world, second only to the US. The number of American health tourists visiting Brazil to undergo surgical procedures and treatments is growing. One of the best health travel destinations outside the US, Brazil’s increasing reputation as a preferred health and medical tour destination among Americans is mostly due to its globally recognized hospitals, highly skilled medical and nursing staffs and the availability of state-of-the-art healthcare technology at a significantly lower cost than in the U.S.

Also, one of the greatest advantages of healthcare travel to Brazil for Americans seniors, is the country’s closeness to the United States, which saves the trouble of flying to distant medical tourism destinations.

The tremendous growth of Medical Tourism in Brazil is due largely to the easy access of the country from most American countries and the increasingly low costs of travel. You can, in fact, reach Brazil from most U.S. cities within 8 to 12 hours.

Brazil’s international fame as one of the most popular medical tourism destinations outside America is due to its proven excellence in various branches of modern medicine including cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, dental care, hair implant, eye care and surgeries, dermatological procedures, sport medicine, orthopedic treatments and weight control to name a few. This is the reason why Americans who have no health insurance, or are under-insured, can easily save money on medical care by choosing Brazil as their destination for medical tourism outside the United States.

You can get quality health treatment at a fraction of the cost that you may have to bear in the US, and also enjoy a dream vacation in Brazil.

However, it may be a good idea to get an idea of medical tourism in Brazil, before you finalize your visit to the country. To learn more about medical tourism in Brazil you may check: